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Joshua Tree National Park

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    By Rev. Richard Cadieux, Authorized Wedding Officiant 760-636-3564

               Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, deep in the southern California desert, the field of vision over Joshua Tree National Park. (JTNP) is filled with thousands of glittering lights in the night sky of the Milky Way. 

               Strong emotions well from somewhere deep inside. You feel insignificant, yet important in this sacred space. The heavenly environment of JTNP radiates a feeling of being connected to the universe, especially for couples being joined in marriage within its mystical landscape of sacred light, Joshua trees and massive rock formations. 

              The author of the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, Paramahansa Yogananda, said that the light in Joshua Tree National Park is as close to the original astral light of the cosmos as anywhere in our vast universe. Is it any wonder that photographers shooting in JTNP for the first time are often spellbound when looking through the viewfinder of their camera. An angelic halo effect enhances the appearance of the subject being photographed.

               Of course, that is just what the naked eye sees. My personal experience as a wedding officiant who has performed many, many ceremonies in the park is that there is a subtle energy that permeates the landscape, and the feeling of Spirit is palpable. Giant rock formations can provide shade while emanating a grounding energy that helps even the most nervous of grooms to relax into the moment.         

                 Countless thousands of couples have chosen JTNP for their engagement shoot or as the backdrop for their wedding day. While quite economical, it is the magic within 
     the environment that captivates the psyche. 

                JTNP is viewed by many as a sacred space where one goes to reconnect at a soul level. It’s a place to meditate, pray, get married, celebrate gains, honor ancestors, commune with nature, implore help from spiritual guides or offer gratitude for blessings received. At its core, a sacred space provides a haven to replenish and cleanse mind, body, and spirit.

                Within the sacred landscape of JTNP an experienced wedding officiant will choose an environment that helps maintain guest attention so that the language of the heart is not only heard but felt by the attendees.

                An early dawn wedding in the park, while potentially chilling, is most unique. The flora and fauna come alive from their nightly respite. While not for everyone, a dawn ceremony is truly a magical experience. Couples with guests often choose 90 minutes prior to sunset as the appointed hour for their nuptials.   

                Whether Wiccan, Religious, Non-denominational, Atheist, or Humanist, all, knowingly or unknowingly are touched by the subtle energy of peace and quietude. Feelings of gratitude for the blessing of having found one’s soulmate wells-up within the opened hearts of those present. 

               To check if your wedding date and preferred location is available contact the Special Park Use Coordinator, Jeannie Wilson, at (760) 367-5518. Jeannie_Wilson@nps.gov


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